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Australian Worm Growers Association Vermiculture Inc

Earthworms: For A Greener Future
Australian Worm Growers Association Benefits!
Becoming a member of AWGAVI

Benefits for Full Financial Members:

These benefits are only applicable to financial AWGAVI members growing worms or selling worm based products commercially :

1. Able to vote at annual and special general meetings of the AWGAVI

2. Able to hold office on the Executive Committees

3. Able to advertise their expertise on the AWGAVI endorsed Internet Website at the cost of uploading your details to the otherwise free website at : AWGAVI Website

4. A possible recipient of any opportunity under an AWGAVI developed "grant application"; Excludes present or past Executive committee members unless authorised by the current committee and a majority of the membership

5. Notification of Waste Management opportunities Australia wide, if your details are listed on the AWGAVI's waste opportunities database

6. Access to a "Grant's Liaison Officer"; Assistance in preparing successful grants, tendering at no cost to the applicant for unsuccessful grant applications, with his fee included in the grant if successfully tendered.

7. Endorsement by the AWGAVI to approved growers by way of use of the logo, for worm based products

8. Other benefits that may be added during the course of the year, and "ALL Benefits", as included in the Associate Member's rights The Fee for a Full Financial Member is $100 per annum payable prior to the 1st July in full, or in quarterly payments.

Benefits for an Associate Member

Associate Membership is applicable only to financial AWGAVI members that have an interest in the Vermiculture Industry, who are not selling worms or worm products.

1. A Quarterly Newsletter

2. Able to advertise in the AWGAVI newsletters at a 25% discount from the normal scale of fees

3. Access to education resources at cost (plus 5% post and handling) for materials helpful in educating the community


Associate members are not able to vote at Annual or Special General Meetings or hold office on the Executive Committees.

Fees are payable in full prior to the 1st January each year. No quarterly payments allowed. The fee for financial Associate Member is $75.00 per annum.

Affiliate Membership

This is a new type of membership,offered to bodies that may be interested in Vermiculture issues, such as Nurseries, Waste Industries, Organic Farmers, Schools etc.

The cost of this membership is $500, and allows a group of 10+ members, with full membership rights to 2 nominated persons within the group.


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